"Oceans of Roses"

Rose Show 2002 Photos
(by Frank Ross, Linda Kammerer and  Kristine Struminsky)
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Rose Show
Kristine Struminsky-Photographer

  02roseshow610.jpg 02roseshow599.jpg 02roseshow602.jpg 02roseshow600.jpg

Dr. Jaroslav Struminsky  Award 2002 roses
 (and other roses donated from the rose show)
These are the bouquets made by Marion and Kristine Struminsky
 and delivered to Roger Williams Medical Center


  StruminskyAward Prep618.jpg StruminskyawardALL628.jpg StruminskyAwardBouquet632.jpg StruminskyAwardBouquet634.jpg

Frank Ross-Photographer


court2002.jpg (230033 bytes)
Queen, King, princess and Court


2002awards1.jpg (243445 bytes)
Part of Awards Table


2002bestofshow.jpg (186718 bytes)
Best of Show


show2002miniqueen.jpg (360326 bytes)
Mini Queen



show2002bestarr.jpg (494157 bytes)
Best Arrangement and winner of Oriental Award


2002stormsurge.jpg (188057 bytes)
Arranger's choice Award
2002hat.jpg (295059 bytes)
Rosecraft Award
2002tidalpool.jpg (305072 bytes)
Mini Award
  P7.jpg (36320 bytes)
Manny Mendes: Rose Doctor
Dscf0014.jpg (327710 bytes)P1.jpg (51011 bytes)

John Mattia giving exhibiting demo

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  2002arr1.jpg (181564 bytes)

C9L.jpg (36813 bytes)
Louis Horne


Linda Kammerer - Photographer

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