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Issue Title Author comment Page
Spring 2000 RIRS Rose Buyers Guide Angie Chute, editor GREAT! - gives variety, type, color, hardiness & fragrance ratings and comments  
June 1998 Everything's Coming Up Roses in RI Mike Chute Initial issue - info about the RIRS 1
June 1998 RIROSE.HTM #1 Patsy Cunningham How to get onto the RIRS website 2
June 1998 Spring Rose Shows Angie Chute, editor Dates of Rose Shows in the area 2
June 1998 President's Park Bench Review Joe Kolis   3
June 1998 Brothers in the Rose Garden Carolyn Sieckiewicz Article about Joe Kolis and his Brother Matt 3
June 1998 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute About the Newsletter 4
June 1998 Novice News Nancy Archambault What are the different kind of roses 5
June 1998 The Consulting Rosarian Angelina Chute Who and what a Consulting Rosarian is 6
June 1998 1998 CR Report Ronald Brand Recommendations of roses for a new garden 6
Oct. 1998 Hybrid Teas and Christmas Trees Mike Chute How to winter roses 1
Oct. 1998 RIROSE.HTM #2 Patsy Cunningham Things to view at the RIRS website 2
Oct. 1998 President's Park Bench Review Joe Kolis General Info regarding the RIRS 3
Oct. 1998 Soil PH David Cannistraro How to measure and correct the PH level 3
Oct. 1998 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute Discussion of RIRS and the upcoming 1st RI Rose Show 4
Oct. 1998 Novice News Nancy Archambault Glossary of Rose Show terms 5
Oct. 1998 Green Pasta and Cassette Takes in Rose Gardening Tony Silva Using Seaweed as a mulch and fertilizer 6
Oct. 1998 Rose Ramblings Manuel Mendes, JR describing various roses 7
Oct. 1998 RIRS Lending Library Marie Giordano Recent additions to the library are identified 7
Oct. 1998 Aerating Your Soil Dennis Bridges how and why of aerating the soil 9
Feb. 1999 The "New" Roger William Park Rose Garden Mike Chute The Rebirth of the Rose Garden at RWP 1
Feb. 1999 RIROSE.HTM #3 Patsy Cunningham Using Favorites, bookmarks, search engines 2
Feb. 1999 President's Park Bench Review Joe Kolis Discussion of the RHP Rose Garden 3
Feb. 1999 Library Shelf Marie Giordano About the RIRS Library 3
Feb. 1999 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute About Meeting & raffles and the newsletter 4
Feb. 1999 Novice News Nancy Archambault What constitutes a Good Show Rose 5
Feb. 1999 What is an Old Garden Rose Bob Sieckiewicz Old Garden Roses - existence prior to 1867 6
Feb. 1999 Book Review Dan Russo Climbing Roses by Stepehn Scanniello and Tania Bayard 8
Feb. 1999 District Convention Angie Chute, editor held in march 1999 10
Feb. 1999 E-Mail Directory Angie Chute, editor Listing of email address 11
Feb. 1999 Elsie Silva's Big Bean Pot Recipe Elsie Silva recipe requested after the Pot Luck Luncheon 9
May 1999 Rodeo Rose Angelina Chute 1st Annual Rose Show Coming up in June 1
May 1999 RIROSE.HTM #4 Patsy Cunningham Everything Roses on HelpMeFind.com 2
May 1999 Presidents Message Mike Chute 1st message from new president 3
May 1999 RWP Rose Garden Update   status report 3
May 1999 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute About meetings and newsletter 4
May 1999 The Beginnings of a Rsoer Gardenter Joe Kolis how he came to grow roses 4
May 1999 The Creation of New Old Garden Roses Bob Sieckiewicz history of old garden roses 5
May 1999 Novice News Nancy Archambault Upcoming Rose Show - how to enter 6
May 1999 Your Rose Might Be a Winner Tony Silva kicking up the hobby to become an exhibitor 7
May 1999 Book Review Ed Cunningham Botanica's Roses 8
May 1999 Razing Canes Leif Hopper (aka Bill Stowell) Dr. Kevorkian of the Rose Garden 9
May 1999 On Tetanus G. R. Barse importance of Tetanus shot for gardeners 10
May 1999 RIRS Officers Elected Angie Chute, editor   12
Aug. 1999 RWP Rose Garden Officially Open Angelina Chute About the Grand Opening 1
Aug. 1999 RIRS.ORG #5 Patsy Cunningham How to build a website on Homestead 2
Aug. 1999 President's Message Mike Chute News about the Various events in the rose world 3
Aug. 1999 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute Rose Show / RWP Rose Garden / RIRS.org 4
Aug. 1999 Dream Trip for Rose Lovers Carolyn Sieckiewicz Trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 4
Aug. 1999 Old Garden Roses of Europe Bob Sieckiewicz History continued 5
Aug. 1999 Rodeo Rose Show wins a blue Tony Silva review of the rose show 6
Aug. 1999 The Library Self Marie Giordano Go Smell the Roses 7
Aug. 1999 A fungus hazard for Rose Growers from Providence Journal Dr. Pal Donohue Sporotrichosis 7
Aug. 1999 A new Rose Garden Allyson Huskzisson and Bob Vitale Moving and starting a new rose garden 8
Aug. 1999 Rose Show Winners Compiled by Bill Stowell Court of Honor 9
Aug. 1999 The Autumn Rose Garden Mike Chute It is possible to have fresh roses on the Thanksgiving table 11
Nov. 1999 Rose Garden Winterizing Workshop Mike Chute the plan for the RWP Rose Garden winter care 1
Nov. 1999 RIRS.ORG #6 Patsy Cunningham Updating and using your browser 2
Nov. 1999 President's Message Mike Chute RI Spring Flower & Garden Show - RIRS Rose Growers Buyers Guide 3
Nov. 1999 Editor's Corner Angie Chute Newsletter a reflection of the diverse members of RIRS 4
Nov. 1999 RI Rose Ramblings Manuel Mendes Description of Various Roses 4
Nov. 1999 Visit to Roseraie De L'Hay Isabelle Pingree Paris Garden 5
Nov. 1999 David Berg - A New England Rose Breeder Ed Cunningham breeding Roses 6
Nov. 1999 The Library Shelf Marie Giordano Book review of ROSES: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ROSES FOR LARGE AND SMALL GARDENS 7
Nov. 1999 The Consuling Rosarian Manuel Mendes How to become A Consulting Rosarian 7
Nov. 1999 Vigilance Tony Silva Spring blooms and garden pests 9
Nov. 1999 Shelly's sweep New England Rose Society Fall Show   Queen, King, Princess and most blue ribbons 10
Feb. 2000 Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show Mike Chute RIRS activities at the show 1
Feb. 2000 RIRS.ORG #7 Patsy Cunningham Rose Photography 2
Feb. 2000 President's Message Mike Chute Review of the first 2 years of RIRS 3
Feb. 2000 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute meetings / members / newsletter 4
Feb. 2000 Budding Patience Bob Sieckiewicz Comparison of Root Stock 5
Feb. 2000 How did our Garden Grow - a follow up Allyson Huskzisson and Bob Vitale results of new garden planting 6
Feb. 2000 The Library Shelf Marie Giordano enjoying a winter garden 6
Feb. 2000 Victorian Rose Garden Awards Angelina Chute Hours donated to the RWP Rose Garden 7
Feb. 2000 Secrets of Deadheading Roses Frances Ballentine Remove just the flower or trim to the 5 leaflet 8
May 2000 RIRS Receives Golden Seed Award Angelina Chute Presented by Nancy Derrig, Providence Superintendent of Parks 1
May 2000 RIRS.Org #8 Patsy Cunningham Touching up photos on the computer 2
May 2000 President's Message Mike Chute RWP Garden Opening , RI Spring Flower & Garden Show / RWP Horticultural Center 3
May 2000 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute members / meetings / newsletter 3
May 2000 Basic Rose Gardening: Soil & Fertilizer Mike Chute Soil PH / Fertilizer 5
May 2000 Society News Briefs Various RIRS Told Yankee District Convention in 2002, Mike Chute receives Silver Medal from Yankee Distrct, Ed & Patsy Cunningham become Consulting Rosarians, Bob Sieckiewcz Receives Award of Merit, New Name Badges 6
May 2000 Grow and Show the Winners Tony Silva Showing Roses 7
May 2000 Significance of Rose Show 2000 Bob Sieckiewicz What better way can a group of individual who share a common thread of enjoying roses come together? 8
May 2000 Spraying Ed Cunningham When / How / How much 9
May 2000 The Library Shelf Marie Giordano Sharing Information 10
May 2000 Going Against The Grain John Shelly Growing & Winterizing Tree Roses - Part 1 11
May 2000 Rose Show Alert Angie Chute Don't Judge your own roses 15
Aug. 2000 Summer Picnic to be Held in Rose Garden Angie Chute, editor Leave the pruners home and decorate your favorite had or make a boutonniere from your own garden flowers featuring a rose 1
Aug. 2000 RIRS.ORG #9 Patsy Cunningham Modern Roses 11 CD 2
Aug. 2000 President's Message Mike Chute Review of the spring / summer growing season 3
Aug. 2000 Editor's Corner Angelina Chute members / meetings / newsletter 4
Aug. 2000 Spraying Specifics Ed Cunningham Types of Sprays 5
Aug. 2000 Rose Show 2000 Court of Honor Angie Chute, editor And the Winners Are 6
Aug. 2000 Society News Briefs Angie Chute, editor RIRS Members become International Exhibitors / American Rose Society 2001 Calendars offered / Angie Chute to be Rose Show Chair for 2001 / Victorian Tea planned for Sept 2001 7
Aug. 2000 RIRS Special Projects Angie Chute, editor Clarence Varin is compiling a listing of rose sources / tools, hard to find sprays material, exhibitor's supplies etc. 7
Aug. 2000 Going Against The Grain John Shelly Winterizing Tree Roses Part 2 9
Aug. 2000 The Library Shelf Marie Giordano Book Review of All-American Roses by Reddell 10


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