Healthy roses recommended by membership

*Above and Beyond (Climber – Zlesak 2015)

           apricot buff blend

Can be grown as shrub

*All the Rage (shrub – Ping Lim 2000)

“Easy Elegance”

Coral pink blend, multicolor

Large simple blooms         

*Autumn Sunset (Climber – Lowe 1986)

orange, yellow blend

Fruity fragrance

*Bathsheba (Climber – Austin 2016)

           Austin English rose

Pale edged apricot

Quartered bloom, many petals

Honey myrrh scent

*Beverly (Hybrid Tea – Kordes 2007)


Eleganza collection, pink


Strong fruity lemon fragrance


*Canyon Road (Floribunda -Meilland 2016)

           Also called Scarlet Bonica

Compact growth

*Cape Diamond (Shrub, Hybrid Kordesii – Bedard 2008)

           Medium deep pink

           Strong fragrance

Vigorous growth

Prominent boss of stamens


*Celestial Night (Floribunda – Bedard 2017)

            Plum purple

*Desdemona (shrub- Austin 2015)

           Austin English rose

White with apricot shading

Strong anise, damask, fruity fragrance

*Distant Drums (Shrub – Buck 1984 )

Unique color blend apricot, tan, violet

Anise, myrrh scent

*Earth Angel (Floribunda - Kordes 2015)

           Pale pink with cream edges

           Strong lemon rose sweet scent


**Earth Song (Grandiflora – Buck 1975)

Intense deep pink

Always in bloom, fragrant

Tall upright bush

*”Easy Elegance” roses

*Easy Does It (Floribunda -Harkness 2010)

           Mango orange with pink

           Scalloped rufflled blooms

*Golden Celebration (shrub- Austin 1992)

           Austin English rose

Deep yellow

           Strong sweet fragrance

*Griffith Buck roses

**Head over Heels (Floribunda– Ping Lim 2014)

           “Easy Elegance”

           Pink with lavender blush

Always in bloom

*Hera's Song (Hybrid Musk - Vanable 2009)

           White with pale pink edges

           Cluster flowered

           Strong myrrh fragrance

*Highwire Flyer (climber – Radler)

           Deep pink

Short bushy climber

*Honey Nectar (Grandiflora- Radler 2001)

           Bright orange to apricot

           Full sun for best color

           Semi double, fragrant

Kordes roses, most new ones very healthy


Lady Elsie May (Shrub- Noack 2002)

           Orange pink

           Moderate rose fragrance

           Large semi double roses

           Clustered flowers


*My Girl (Shrub -Ping Lim 1997)

           “Easy Elegance”

Deep pink to red

Cupped to flat ruffled rosette

Molineux (Shrub – Austin 1994)

           Austin English rose

           Deep yellow

           Old fashioned form

*Mother of Pearl (Grandiflora -Meilland 2007)

           Light pink

           Prolific medium to large blooms

*Music Box (Shrub - Ping Lim 2012)

           “Easy Elegance”

           Butter yellow with light pink edges

           Moderate sweet fragrance

Olivia Rose Austin (shrub – Austin 2014)

           Austin English rose

Medium pink shading to light pink edges

Heavily petalled rosette form

           Strong fruity fragrance

*Orchid Romance (Floribunda– Radler 2011)

           Rich pink ages to light pink

           Strong citrus scent

*Party Hardy (Hybrid Kordesii – Radler 2009)

           Alternate name Nouvelle France

           Dark pink with lighter reverse

           Vigorous and tall

*Passionate Kisses (Floribunda- Meilland 1998)

           Carmine pink with pink reverse

           Floriferous with good sprays

*Peppermint Pop (Shrub- Radler 2011)

           Rose pink with white reverse

*Pinktopia (Shrub- Bailey 2011)

           “Easy Elegance”

            Bright pink


*Plum Perfect (Floribunda – Kordes 1997)

           Alternate name Vodacom

Deep lavender pink

Very full ruffled bloom


*Ringo (Shrub, Hybrid Hulthemia persica- Warner 2006)

           Alternate name Eye of the Tiger

Pale yellow with bright pink/red eye

Logees nursery sells

*Rhode Island Red (Climber – Brownell 1957)

           Dark red

           Moderate rose fragrance

*Savannah (Hybrid Tea- Kordes 2013)

           Salmon pink

           Strong fragrance

           Heavily petalled old fashioned bloom

*Screaming Neon Red (shrub – Ping Lim 2011)

           “Easy Elegance”

           Intense red simple blooms

*South Africa (Grandiflora – Kordes 2001)

           Rich golden yellow

           AKA floribunda “Golden Beauty”

*Super Hero  (Floribunda- Ping Lim 2007)

           Red with pink highlights

           Cluster flowered

*The Charlatan (Shrub – Meilland 2006)

Blush pink five petalled blooms with red stamens

           Can be trained as short climber

*Watercolors Home Run (Shrub – Carruth 2015)

Yellow center shading to bright pink edges

Small clusters, cupped form

*Winner's Circle (Climber- Radler 2008)

           Dark red

           Large clusters of cupped blooms

*Yellow Brick Road (Shrub- Ping Lim 2007)

           “Easy Elegance”

            Medium to deep yellow

            Violet fragrance

Compact 2-4 feet


Roses also wanted by one of the membership but untried

*State of Grace (Grandiflora- Edmunds 2018)

Golden yellow with pink, deep pink reverse

Fruity fragrance

Old fashioned form

*The Mill on the Floss (Shrub- Austin 2020)

           Pink to lilac with carmine pink edges.

Fruity fragrance

Small very double blooms

*Tottering-By-Gently (Shrub- Austin 2020)

           Austin English rose

           Yellow single blooms

           Citrus musk fragrance

           Large clusters

Winter Sunset (Shrub- Buck 1998)

           Orange yellow blend



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