2010 Photography Contest Winners

We had 72 entries this year with some great photos

First place

Sexy Rexy by Mike and Angie Chute

Second place

Singin the Blues
Clive Nickerson

Third place

Double Delight
Jin and Biing Lee

 Fourth (6 way tie)

Bee on Crown Princess Margareta
Andy and Susie Vanable

Graham Thomas
Dave Candler

Black Magic
Linda Wood

Frost on Double Knockout
Frank and Charlotte Karikas

Clive Nickerson

Livin Easy
Joanne Benner

Fifth place

Clive Nickerson

 Sixth  (2 way tie)

Hot Cocoa
Jin and Biing Lee

Tuscan Sun
Mike and Angie Chute


Front yard
Patsy Cunningham


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