Annual Photography Contest & Photography presentation by John Mattia
October 10, 2009

2009 Photography Contest Winners


We had 69 entries this year with some beautiful views of our favorite flower.

First place

Patsy Cunningham
Rosa rugosa at Beavertail Light

Second place

Andy Vanable
Victorian Rose Garden in snow

Third place (six way tie, alphabetically listed)

Mike & Angie Chute'
Rhapsody in Blue'

Patsy Cunningham
‘Jeanne LaJoie’ with frost

Clive Nickerson 
‘Route 66’

Linda Shamoon 
'Contesse Celeste'

Andy & Susie Vanable
Wild rose hips at Wenscott Reservoir

Linda Wood 
‘Joseph’s Coat’

 Fourth (2 way tie)

Patsy Cunningham
‘Leading Lady’ with frost

Clive Nickerson 

Fifth (2 way tie)

Andy & Susie Vanable
Victorian Rose Garden in Summer

Stephanie Vanable 
‘Darlow’s Enigma’

 Sixth (3 way tie)

Mike & Angie Chute 
‘All the Rage’

Ed Cunningham
Rosa glauca’

Kate & JD Daniels
‘Sweet Surrender’


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