Annual Photography Contest

2017 Rose Photo Contest

Grand Prize

Summer Wine - Patsy Cunningham


Second Place

Butchart Garden - Angelina and Mike Chute


Third Place- 2 Way Tie

Jeanne Lajoie -Kate and JD Daniels


Outta the Blue -Jin and Biing Lee


Fourth Place -Four way tie

                The Chute’s Garden - Angelina & Mike Chute


                Sexy Rexy - Angelina & Mike Chute



                Rockin’ Robin - Biing & Jin Lee



                Clair Matin - Angelina & Mike Chute

Fifth Place (3-Way Tie)


Coretta Scott King - Gil Bagley


What a Peach - Biing & Jin Lee


Alnwick Castle - Diane Hurd



Sixth Place


                Graham Thomas - Angelina & Mike Chute









2016 Rose Contest Photo Results

Grand Prize

Campfire - Mike and Angie Chute



Alnwick Castle - Diane Hurd



Ebb Tide - Biing Lee


Neptune - Biing Lee


Touch of Class - Biing Lee


Cherry Parfait - Clive Nickerson


Nicole Carol Miller - Clive Nickerson



Lewis Ginter Garden in Virginia - Yolande Riendeau


The Billington Rose - Nancy Gaiewski


Julia Child - Rachelle Desrochers


Daybreaker - Cindy Ehrenreich


Coretta Scott King - Cindy Ehrenreich


Sole e Luna - Mike and Angie Chute


La Belle Sultane - Patsy Cunningham


October 10, 2015


The Alnwick Rose - Diane Hurd

Just Joey - Jin and Biing Lee


Veterans Honor - Jin and Biing Lee
Love - Jin and Biing Lee
New Dawn at Rosecliff - Patsy Cunningham
 Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden - Rachelle Desrochers
Joseph's Coat - Cindy Ehrenreich


 Seedling - Clive Nickerson

Sally Holmes - David Long
Campfire - Mike and Angie Chute
Fourth of July - Mike and Angie Chute
Belle Story - Frank and Charlotte Karikas

Honorable mention

Outta the Blue (in snow) - Nancy Gaiewski  
Ketchup and Mustard - Clive Nickerson
Julia Child - Rachelle Desrochers
Valentine's Day - Jin and Biing Lee
Golden Wings - Jacqui Nye
Kiss Me - Mike and Angie Chute
Tiddly Winks - Clive Nickerson

October 11, 2014

Grand Prize

Kathleen (hybrid musk)
Cindy Ehrenreich


Second Place (tie)

Koko Loco (floribunda)
Cindy Ehrenreich

Teasing Georgia (David Austin "English" modern shrub)
Cindy Ehrenreich


3rd Place (tie)

Colorific (floribunda)
Mike and Angie Chute

Chihuly (floribunda)
Andy Vanable


4th place (tie)

Darlow's Enigma (hybrid musk)
Andy Vanable

Autumn Splendor (miniflora)
Andy Vanable

Julia Child (floribunda)
Patsy Cunningham


5th place (tie)

Alnwick Castle (David Austin "English" modern shrub)
Diane Bagley

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden
Rachelle Desrochers

Abbaye de Cluny ("Romantica" Hybrid Tea)
Yolande Riendeau

The Prince (David Austin "English" modern shrub)
Cindy Ehrenreich


(Also see winning photos of 2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009 2010 , 2011 and 2012 contests)


First Place

'Crocus Rose' by Cindy Ehrenreich

'Autumn Sunset' by Cindy Ehrenreich


3rd Place

'Sweet Revenge' by Cindy Ehrenreich

4th Place (3 way tie)

'New Dawn' by Cindy Ehrenreich

'Graham Thomas' by Angelina and Mike Chute


'Home Run' by Clive Nickerson

5th Place (2 way tie)

'Roger Williams Park Rose Garden' by Clive Nickerson

'Pristine' by Cindy Ehrenreich

6th Place

'Liebezauber' by Clive Nickerson

7th Place (4 way tie)

'Basye's Purple'  by Patsy Cunningham

'Helen Hayes' by Gil Bagley


'What a Peach' by Jin and Biing Lee

'Tahitian Sunset' by Jin and Biing Lee



84 entries  this year

1st place

'Jeanne Lajoie with clematis' by Patsy Cunningham

Second Place : 3 way tie

Distant Drums’ by Patsy Cunningham

‘Jeanne Lajoie by Kate and JD Daniels

‘Chihully x 'Yellow Brick Road seedling' by Andy and Susie Vanable


Third Place, 3 way tie


‘Prairie Star by Cindy Ehrenreich


‘Wild Blue Yonder’ by Patsy Cunningham


‘Summer Wine’ by Patsy Cunningham.


Fourth Place: 5 way tie


‘Bill Warriner’ by Angelina and Mike Chute

‘Earth Song’ by Andy and Susie Vanable

‘Rainbow Sorbet’ by Jin and Biing Lee

‘Impatient’ by Jin and Biing Lee


‘Scentimental’ by Dave Candler



Fifth Place


‘Koko Loko’ by Cindy Ehrenreich