Annual Photography Contest and Photography Discussions
October 11, 2008


photo contest

Members' pictures awaiting the members' vote
at this year's Photography Contest.

2008 Photography Contest Winners

This year's photography contest was a great success, we had 91
entries from 23 members. Last year there were only 18 participants.
Four members mailed their pictures, which helped
to give us a greater selection of photographs.
(Results from our 2006 Photography Contest and 2007 Photography Contest)

The top three winners were very close in number of votes received!

The top vote was received by John Mattia with a view of the
Victorian Rose Garden in Roger Williams Park.

The other top number of votes received for our thirteen
(includes cover) large calendar pages were:

Linda Wood - 'Double Delight'

Steph Vanable - 'Gingersnap' and Friend

Mike & Angie Chute - 'Sexy Rexy'

Jin & Biing Lee - 'Jeanne Lajoie' at Rest

John Mattia - 'Golden Wings'

Linda & Sam Shamoon - Picnic in July: 'Veteran's Honor'

Mari-Ann Suvari - 'Dream Come True'

Clive Nickerson - 'Melody Parfumeé'

Mike and Angie Chute - 'Climbing Pinkie' at Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

Jin and Bing Lee - 'Dainty Bess' at Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

Steph Vanable - 'Rio Samba'

Candace Morgenstern - 'Zépherine Drouhin'


Guest Photography Panel
Discussion Speakers

Ed Cunningham      Patsy Cunningham      Dave Candler

Guest photography panel discussion speakers included Ed Cunningham,
Patsy Cunningham, Dave Candler, Biing Lee, and Andy Vanable.

Biing Lee


JFK rose

Attending members were treated to
an outstanding specimen of Eugene
Boerner's 'John F. Kennedy'.

Photos may not be used for any commercial or personal use without written consent
of the Rhode Island Rose Society and consent of photographer.

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