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"Keeping a Garden Journal"  Kate Daniels
  "Wish Lists" Nancy Edgar
Karl P Jones collection list from "Hidden Treasures" Patsy Cunningham
What's in a Name? Ed Cunningham
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Photo addendums

photos for "Which, Where and Why" by Patsy Cunningham
photos for Weed Talk: Asiatic Dayflower

Other Reprints

"In Search of Lost Roses"  James Delahanty
"Rose Culture Safety"  Carol Ann Rogers

"Rose Addiction" by John Shelly

ARS Reprints

Karl P. Jones

Reprinted articles by Karl P. Jones
from the American Rose Annual
1948: Wichuriana Hybrids
1949: Hardy Climbers
1974: Roses as Shrubs

  Lily Shohan

Reprinted articles by Lily Shohan
"Old Roses for Small Gardens" ARA 1980
"On Judging the Old Garden Roses" ARA 1984
"My Favorite Rose" ARA 1985
"Old Roses for Fragrance" 1999 Heritage Rose Group Bulletin

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