Karl P. Jones Collection

from the Barrington Public Library

(located now upstairs in the Tech Resources room and Directors office)

The flower lover and the fairies / Anonymous (circa fourteenth century) ; 
from the translation of Chi-chen Wang ; handwritten and illustrated by Jeanyee 
Translated from the Chin ku ch́ kuan, no. 8. 
Robinson, Rowland Evans. 
In New England fields and woods / with sketches & stories - foreword by 
Sinclair Lewis. Bibliography by Harold G. Rugg. -- 
At head of title: Centennial ed. 
Rowland E. Robinson; ed. by Llewellyn R. Perkins. 
Bibliography: p. [5]-11. 
Bailey, Ralph, 1904- 
The home garden self-pronouncing dictionary of plant names / edited by Ralph 
The Botanical magazine, or, Flower-garden displayed / by William Curtis. 
Title from volume title page. 
Curtis's botanical magazine, or, Flower-garden displayed / by John Sims. 
Title from volume title page. 
Vols. 1 (1787)-v. 53 (1826) 1 v. (Includes index to the journal under its 
earlier title). 
Curtis's botanical magazine / by Sir William Jackson Hooker. 
Published: Bentham-Moxon Trust, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew in association 
with Curwen Books, -1983. 
Description based on: Vol. 2 of the 3rd ser, published 1846. 
Written and edited by: <1846-> W.J. Hooker; <-1920> D. Prain; 1922- O. Stapf; 
vols. for <1939-> compiled from numerous contributors and edited by various 
officials of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 
Bibliography of agriculture 0006-1530 
Vols. for 1845-1904 called 3rd ser. v. 1-60 (called also v. 71-130); vols. 
for 1905-20 called 4th ser., v. 1-16 (called also v. 131-146); vols. for 
1922-1983 called v. 148-184. 
Vols. for 1948-1983 designated new ser. 
Suspended 1921-Sept. 1922. 
Vol. 147 published in 1938, v. 148 in 1922. 
Vol. 163 published irregularly 1940-1942. 
Issued by: Royal Horticultural Society, 1922- 
Vols. for <1973-> supported by the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust. 
Gilmour, John Scott Lennox, 1906- 
British botanists / by John Gilmour, With 8 plates in colour and 19 
illustrations inblack & white. 
The British people in pictures. 
"Short bibliography": p. 48 
Meehan, Thomas, 1826-1901. 
The native flowers and ferns of the United States in their botanical, 
horticultural and popular aspects. 
"Illustrated by chromolithographs." 
Meehan, Thomas, 1826-1901. 
The native flowers and ferns of the United States in their botanical, 
horticultural and popular aspect. Series II / by Thomas Meehan. 
Deutscher Alpenverein (1938-1945) 
Atlas de la flore alpine / publie par le Club alpin allemand et autrichien. 
Text by Henry Correvon. 
text of German ed. by K. W. von Dalla Torre. 
Seboth, Joseph, 1816-1883. 
Die Alpenpflanzen nach der Natur gemalt / von Jos. Seboth ; mit text von 
Ferdinand Graf und einer Anleitung zur Cultur der Alpenpflanzen von Joh. 
Garden plants in color / edited by Henry Thomas Skinner. 
%7 1st- ed. 
v. 1. Trees, shrubs, vines. 
Gray, Asa, 1810-1888. 
Botany for young people and common schools : how plants grow, a simple 
introduction to structural botany : with a popular flora, or an arrangement and 
description of common plants, both wild and cultivated : illustrated by 500 wood 
engravings / by Asa Gray. 
Includes index. 
On spine: How plants grow. 
Pages 104p1s-104p4s inserted between 104-105. 
Blatter, Ethelbert, 1877-1934. 
Beautiful flowers of Kashmir / by Ethelbert Blatter ; illustrated by Mrs. 
G.A. Wathen and Haldar Joo Walli. 
Based on collections made by Professor F. Hallberg. Cf. -- Pref. 
Includes index. 
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934 
An illustrated flora of the northern United States, Canada and the British 
possessions from Newfoundland to the parallel of the southern boundary of 
Virginia, and from the Atlantic ocean westward to the 102d meridian / by 
Nathaniel Lord Briton ... and Hon. Addison Brown ... 
Step, Edward, 1855-1931. 
Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse / By Edward Step, F.L.S. The 
cultural directions edited by William Watson, illustrated with three hundred and 
sixteen coloured plates, selected and arranged by D. Bois. 
House, Homer Doliver, 1878-1949. 
Wild flowers of New York / House. 
Cover title. 
"This series of 264 colored plates are reprinted from the plates used in the 
work entitled 'Wild flowers of New York' issued as volumes 1 and 2 of New York 
State Museum Memoir 15." 
Nicholson, Barbara 
The Oxford book of wild flowers. Illus. by B.E. Nicholson; text by S. Ary & 
M. Gregory. 
Sprague, Isaac, 1811-1895. 
Beautiful wild flowers of America : from original water-color drawings after 
nature / by Isaac Sprague ; descriptive text by A.B. Hervey ; With extracts from 
Longfellow, Whittier, Bryant, Holmes, and others. 
Sprague, Isaac, 1811-1895. 
Flowers of the field and forest : from original water-color drawings after 
nature / by Isaac Sprague ; descriptive text by Rev. A. B. Hervey ; with 
extracts from Longfellow, Lowell, Bryant, Emerson, and others. 
Walcott, Mary Vaux, 1860-1940 
Wild flowers of America / introduction by H.W. Rickett. 
"The full color plates in this volume are based on 'North American wild 
flowers,' a portfolio of paintings by Mary Vaux Walcott as published by the 
Smithsonian Institution of Washington, with supplementary paintings...by Dorothy 
Falcon Platt." 
At head of title: New illustrated encyclopedia of gardening. 
Willmott, E. A. (Ellen Ann), 1858-1934. 
The genus rosa / By Ellen Willmott, F. L. S. Drawings by Alfred Parsons, R. 
Issued in 25 parts, 1910-14. 
Col. front. called for by LC not present. 
Bound in green cloth with leather shelfbacks & tips. Marble coated endpapers. 
Top edges gilt. 
Eaton, Daniel Cady, 1834-1895. 
Beautiful ferns : from original water-color drawings after nature / by C. E. 
Faxon and J. H. Emerton ; Descriptive text by Daniel Cady Eaton. 
Agricultural almanac, for the year of our Lord 1835 : ... Carefully 
calculated for the meridian of Pennsylvania and the adjoining states. 
Signatures: [pi]p1s [A]p8s-Bp8s [C]p1s. 
Arable lands; green crops for manure, &c. -- Items of rural economy -- 
Knowledge for the people, or, the plain why and because -- Beautiful extract -- 
Farmer's work --  The husbandman -- Appropriate sphere of woman / Rev. H. 
Winslow -- What is life? -- Starting children in the world -- Beautiful extract 
-- Tales, anecdotes, &c. -- Sam Crookshank; or, the medicated axe -- Jack 
O'Lanthorn, an Irish tradition -- Humour -- Recipes. 
Drake, M. Almanacs, 11897 
Lorette, Louis. 
The Lorette system of pruning; trans. from the French by W.R. Dykes. -- 
%7 2d ed. newly rev. with the 8th French ed. by F.J. Chittenden, together with a 
chapter on a Modified systemof pruning by A.H. Lees. -- 
Fogg, John Milton, 1898- 
Weeds of lawn and garden : a handbook for eastern temperate North America / 
by John M. Fogg, jr. ; illustrations by Leonie Hagerty. 
Bibliography: p. 206. 
Barry, Patrick, 1816-1890. 
The fruit garden : a treatise intended to explain and illustrate the 
physiology of fruit trees, the theory and practice of all operations connected 
with the propagation, transplanting, pruning and training of orchard and garden 
trees, as standards, dwarfs, pyramids, espaliers, etc., the laying out and 
arranging different kinds of orchards and gardens, the selection of suitable 
varieties for different purposes and localities, gathering and preserving 
fruits, treatment of diseases, destruction of insects, descriptions and uses of 
implements, etc. / by P. Barry ; illustrated with upwards of 150 figures ... 
Publisher's advertisements: 12 p. at end. 
Includes index. 
Robinson, W. Heath (William Heath), 1872-1944 
How to make a garden grow / by Heath Robinson and K.R.G. Browne. 
Dictionary of gardening : a practical and scientific encyclopaedia of 
horticulture / edited by Fred J. Chittenden, assisted by specialists. 
%7 2nd ed. / by Patrick M. Synge." 
At head of title: The Royal Horticultural Society. 
Based on G. Nicholson's The illustrated dictionary of gardening. 
v. 1. A-Co.--v. 2. Co-Ja.--v. 3. Je-Pt.--v. 4. Pt-Zy. 
The farmer's dictionary : a vocabulary of the technical terms recently 
introduced into agriculture and horticulture from various sciences, and also a 
compendium of practical farming, the latter chiefly from the works of the Rev. 
W. L. Rham, Loudon, Low and Youatt, and the most eminent American authors / 
edited by D. P. Gardner. 
The standard cyclopedia of horticulture : a discussion, for the amateur, and 
the professional and commercial grower, of the kinds, characteristics and 
methods of cultivation of the species of plants grown in the regions of the 
United States and Canada for ornament, for fancy, for fruit and for vegetables ; 
with keys to the natural families and genera, descriptions of the horticultural 
capabilities of the states and provinces and dependent islands, and sketches of 
eminent horticulturists / by L.H. Bailey ; illustrated with colored plates, for 
thousand engravings in the text, and ninety-six full-page cuts 
%7 New ed. 
Paged continuously. 
First published under title: Cyclopedia of American horticulture. 
"Horticulture, Literature of": vol. II, p. 1520-1562. 
Supplement to the dictionary of gardening : a practical and scientific 
encyclopaedia of horticulture / edited by Patrick M. Synge. 
%7 2nd ed. 
At head of title: The Royal Horticultural Society. 
Supplement to the Dictionary of gardening : a practical and scientific 
encyclopaedia of horticulture / edited by Patrick M. Synge, assisted by 
At head of title: The Royal Horticultural Society. 
Taylor's encyclopedia of gardening : horticulture and landscape design / 
edited by Norman Taylor. 
%7 4th ed., completely rev. and enl. 
First published in 1936 under title: The garden dictionary. 
Vick's monthly magazine. 
Title from caption. 
Rockwell, F. F. (Frederick Frye), 1884- 
Gardening with peat moss : a guide to easier methods in growing more 
beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees and making more permanent lawns / by F. F. 
Rockwell and Wm. G. Breitenbucher. 
Blank pages for "Memorandum" ([2] at end) 
The American horticultural magazine. 
Journal of the American Horticultural Society. 
Vols. 1-50, 1922-71 (including v. 1-38, 1922-59 of the National horticultural 
magazine). 1 v. 
Genesee farmer (1845) 
Genesee farmer. 
%K Genesee farmer (Microfilm) (OCoLC)10177202 
Vols. 15-26 also called ser. 2. 
Available on microfilm from University Microfilms (American periodical 
series: 1800-1850). 
National horticultural magazine. 
Vols. 1-4 paged continuously (36 p.). 
Issued July 1953-59 as the official publication of the American Horticultural 
Vols. for 1922-Jan. 1924/June 1926 published by the National Horticultural 
Society of America; Jan./Dec. 1926-59 by the American Horticultural Society. 
Massachusetts Horticultural Society. 
History of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, 1829-1878 / edited by 
Robert Manning. 
Edited by Robert Manning. 
McFarland, J. Horace (John Horace), 1859-1948 
Memoirs of a rose man : tales from Breeze Hill / J. Horace McFarland. 
Hedrick, U. P. 
A history of horticulture in America to 1860 / U.P. Hedrick. 
Bibliography: p. 515-523. 
Leighton, Ann, 1902?-1985 
Early American gardens; for meate or medicine, by Ann Leighton. 
"Portions of this book have previously appeared as articles in various 
Bibliography: p. [423]-432. 
The Enemies of the rose / by G. Fox Wilson and John Ramsbottom ; official 
handbook produced by the Publications Committee of the National Rose Society of 
Great Britain ; Bertram Park, honorary editor. 
%7 [3rd ed.] 
On cover: Official publication of The National Rose Society. 
Forsberg, Junius Leonard, 1907- 
Diseases of ornamental plants : a manual containing descriptions, 
illustrations and control measures of the diseases of flowering and other 
ornamental plants common to Colorado and other regions / By Junius L. Forsberg. 
Bibliography: p. 154-165. 
Weigel, C. A. (Charles Adolph) 
Handbook on insect enemies of flowers and shrubs / by C.A. Weigel and L.G. 
Contribution from Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 
Supersedes his Insect enemies of the flower garden, issued as Farmers' 
bulletin no. 1495. 
Sedgwick, Mabel Cabot. 
The garden month by month : describing the appearance, color, dates of bloom, 
height and cultivation of all desirable, hardy herbaceous perennials for the 
formal or wild garden, with additional lists of aquatics, vines, ferns, etc. / 
by Mabel Cabot Sedgwick, assisted by Robert Cameron. With over 200 half-tone 
engravings from photographs of growing plants, and a chart in colors. 
Chart attached to front cover. 
The American rose annual / American Rose Society. -- 
Description based on: 1918. 
Vols. for 1916-1925. 1 v.; Vols. for 1916-1941. 1 v. 
Buist, Robert, 1805-1880. 
The rose manual : containing accurate descriptions of all the finest 
varieties of roses, properly classed in their respective families, their 
character and mode of culture, with directions for their propagation, and the 
destruction of insects / By Robert Buist. 
%7 4th ed., with additions. 
Includes index. 
Ellwanger, H. B. (Henry Brooks), 1851-1883 
The rose : a treatise on the cultivation, history, family characteristics, 
etc., of the various groups of roses / with accurate descriptions of the 
varieties now generally grown, by H. B. Ellwanger, with an introduction by 
George H. Ellwanger. 
%7 Rev. ed. 
Foote, Harriett Risley, 1863- 
Mrs. Foote's rose book / Harriett Risley Foote. 
Foster-Melliar, Andrew, 1841-1904 
The book of the rose / by A. Foster-Melliar. 
%7 2d ed. 
Gallagher, James Alexander. 
How to grow better roses / James Alexander Gallagher ; illustrations by R.S. 
Gordon, Jean. 
Pageant of the rose / Jean Gordon. 
%7 1st ed. 
Includes bibliography. 
Guillemeau, Jean Louis Marie, 1766-1850. 
Histoire naturelle de la rose : ou l'on decrit ses differentes especes, sa 
culture, ses vertus et ses proprietes ; suivie de la corbeille de roses, ou 
choix de ce que les anciens et les modernes ont ecrit de plus gracieux sur la 
rose; et de l'histoire des insectes qui vivent sur le rosier / par Guillemeau, 
Pritzel (2nd ed.) 3643. 
Harvey-Cant, Frank Sydney. 
Rose selection and cultivation : fifty years with roses / frank Sydney 
Harvey-Cant ; With introduction by the president of the National Rose Society. 
Hennessey, Roy. 
Hennessey on roses / by Roy Hennessey. 
%7 2nd ed. 
Hoffmann, Julius. 
The amateur gardener's rose book / by the late Dr. Julius Hoffmann ; tr. from 
the German by John Weathers. 
Hole, S. Reynolds (Samuel Reynolds), 1819-1904. 
A book about roses : how to grow and show them / by S. Reynolds Hole. 
%7 New ed. with an additional chapter and lists of roses / by A.H. Williams. 
Includes index. 
Jamain, Hippolyte, 1818- 
Les roses : histoire, culture, description / par Hippolyte Jamain ... [et] 
Eugene Forney ... Preface par Ch. Naudin ... 
%7 2nd ed. 
Added illus., t.-p. has title: Les roses, varietes les plus remarquables 
reproduites d'apres nature. 60 chromolithographies par F. Grobon. 
Keays, Ethelyn Emery, 1871-1961. 
Old roses / by Mrs. Frederick Love Keays ... with 56 illustrations. 
"Libraries and rose books": p. 205-208. 
Kordes, Wilhelm, 1891-1976. 
Das Rosenbuch : Anzucht, Pflege, Verwendung der Rose / Wilhelm Kordes. 
%7 7. Aufl. 
Pages 243-252 advertising matter. 
Includes index. 
Bibliography: p. 242. 
Lester, Francis Edward, 1868- 
My friend, the rose / by Francis E. Lester ; with an introduction by J. 
Horace McFarland, L. H. D. ; with sixteen illustrations reproduced from 
paintings by Mary Lawrance, first printed 1799. 
McFarland, J. Horace (John Horace), 1859-1948 
Roses of the world in color. 
%7 3d ed., completely rev. 
Modern roses V : a concise descriptive list of all roses in commerce or of 
historical or botanical importance / compiled by J. Horace McFarland Company in 
cooperation with the American Rose Society ; edited by Roy E. Shepherd and 
Catherine E. Meikle. Rose species list prepared by Gordon Rowley. 
Modern roses 6 : a check list of rose names prepared in cooperation with the 
international registration authority for roses / compiled by the McFarland 
Company in association with the American Rose Society ; pref. by R.C. Allen. 
Modern roses 7 : the international check-list of roses / compiled by The 
International registration Authority for Roses, The American Rose Society, The 
McFarland Company; preface by R. C. Allen. 
Modern roses IV : a uniform descriptive list of all roses in commerce or of 
historical or botanical importance / compiled by J. Horace McFarland Company in 
cooperation with the American Rose Society ; edited by Catherine E. Meikle and 
R.C. Allen ; rose species described by George H.M. Lawrence. 
"Fourth edition of Modern roses"--Pref. 
Modern roses 8 : the international check-list of roses / compiled by the 
International Registration Authority for Roses, the American Rose Society, the 
McFarland Company ; original preface by R. C. Allen ; edited by Catherine E. 
Nottle, Trevor. 
Growing old-fashioned roses / Trevor Nottle. 
Cover title: Growing old-fashioned roses in Australia & New Zealand. 
Includes bibliography and indexes. 
Park, Bertram, 1883- 
The guide to roses / Bertram Park. 
Errata slip inserted on p. 7. 
Bibliography: p. 280-281. 
Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893. 
The book of roses / by Francis Parkman. 
Added t.-p., illustrated. 
Paul, William, 1822-1905. 
The rose garden : In two divisions. Division I. Embracing the history of the 
rose, the formation of the rosarium, and a detailed account of the various 
practices adopted in the successful cultivation of this popular 
flower...Division II. Containing an arrangement, in natural groups, of the most 
esteemed varieties of roses... / by William Paul. 
"Supplement to the Rose garden" (28 p., 4 col. plates, issued in 1853) bound 
at the end. 
Pearson's encyclopaedia of roses / ed. by George M. Taylor. 
%7 [New and rev. ed.] 
Pemberton, Joseph Hardwick, 1852- 
Roses : their history, development and cultivation / by the Rev. Joseph H. 
%7 2nd ed. 
"Authorities": p. [307] 
Poulsen, Svend, 1884- 
Poulsen on the rose / translated by C. Campbell McCallum. 
Translation of Roser. 
Pyle, Robert, 1877-1951. 
How to grow roses / by Robert Pyle. 
%7 16th ed., rev. 
Bibliography: p. 177-184. 
Roses illustrated and how to grow them : edited by Morrie L. Sharp and Dean 
Collins, under the sponsorship of Portland Rose Society. 
The Rose annual. 
Description based on: 1984. 
Bibliography of agriculture 0006-1530 
Vols. for issued by: National Rose Society; -1984 by: Royal National Rose 
Merged with: Rose bulletin, to form: Rose (Saint Albans, England) 
Roses : the cultivation of the rose / produced by the Publications Committee 
of the National Rose Society ; Bertram Park, [editor]. 
Roses : a select list and guide to pruning / editor, Bertram Parks. 
Includes index. 
Roses : a selected list of varieties / Bertram Park, [editor]. 
Sanders, Thomas William, 1855-1926. 
Roses and their cultivation : a practical guide to the cultivation of the 
rose, outdoors and under glass, including a synopsis of the different types of 
roses, and a schedule of all the varieties worthy of culture in British gardens; 
together with a description of their chief insect pests and fungoid diseases. 
%7 11th ed. 
Sanders, Thomas William, 1855-1926. 
Roses and their cultivation : a practical guide to the cultivation of the 
rose, out-doors and under glass, including a synopsis of the different types of 
roses : together with a description of thier chief insect pests and fungoid 
diseases / by T.W. Sanders. 
%7 10th ed. 
p. 205-220, advertising matter. 
Shaw, Henry, 1800-1889 
The Rose : historical and descriptive gathered from various sources / by 
Henry Shaw. 
Shepherd, Roy E. 
History of the rose / Roy E. Shepherd. -- 
Includes index. 
bibliography: p.236-243. 
Stevens, Glendon A., 1891- 
Roses in the little garden / by G. A. Stevens. 
Stemler, Dorothy. 
Roses of yesterday / [by] Dorothy Stemler and Nanae Ito ; with a foreword by 
James Gould Cozzens. -- 
Eighteen reproductions of original water colors by Nanae Ito. 
Stevens, Glendon A., 1891-1935. 
Climbing roses / by G. A. Stevens. 
Thomas, George Clifford, 1873- 
The practical book of outdoor rose growing for the home garden / by George C. 
Thomas, jr. ; with 96 plates in color, charts, and half-tones. 
Title within ornamental border. 
Thomas, Graham Stuart. 
Shrub roses of today / written and illustrated by Graham Stuart Thomas ; with 
a key to the major groups of cultivated roses by Gordon D. Rowley. 
%7 Rev. ed. 
Includes index. 
Bibliography: p. 221-223. 
Thomas, H. H. (Harry Higgott) 
The rose book : a complete guide for amateur rose growers / by H.H. Thomas, 
assisted by Walter Easlea, beautifully illustrated with eight direct colour 
photographs by J. Essenhigh Corke and sixty-four half-tone plates. 
Thomas, Graham Stuart. 
Climbing roses old and new / written and illustrated by Graham Stuart Thomas 
; with a chapter on the botany and derivation of climbing roses by Gordon D. 
Bibliography: p. 187-189. 
Thomas, George Clifford, 1873- 
The practical book of outdoor rose growing for the home garden / by George C. 
Thomas, jr. 
%7 Garden ed., with 17 plates in color, charts, and half tones. 
This edition includes an additional chapter, "Rose development from 1917 to 
1920": p. 219-[224] 
Thomas, Graham Stuart. 
The old shrub roses / Graham Stuart Thomas ; with chapters on the evolution 
of our garden roses by C. C. Hurst ; foreword by V. Sackville-West. 
Includes bibliographical references and index. 
Wilson, Helen Van Pelt, 1901- 
Climbing roses. 
Wright, Veva Penick 
So you want to grow roses / V.P. Wright ; with illustrations by Grambs 
Miller. -- 
Bibliography: p. 148-150. 
Craig, William N. 
Lilies and their culture in North America / by William N. Craig. 
Quint, I. George, 1900- 
Lilies in the garden / by I. George Quint ; illustrated by Sylvan S. Byck. 
Published in l935 under title: How to grow lilies in the garden. 
Slate, George Lewis, 1899- 
Lilies for American gardens / by George L. Slate. 
"Literature cited" at end of most of the chapters. 
McFarland, J. Horace (John Horace), 1859-1948 
Garden bulbs in color / by J. Horace McFarland, R. Marion Hatton, Daniel J. 
Foley. -- 
Includes bibliography and index. 
Parsons, Frances Theodora, 1861-1952 
How to know the wild flowers : a guide to the names, haunts, and habits of 
our common wild flowers / by Mrs. William Starr Dana ; illustrated by Marion 
Satterlee and Elsie Louise Shaw. 
%7 New ed., with col. plates. 
Includes indexes. 
Markham, Ernest. 
Clematis, the large and small flowered : their cultivation in the open air / 
by Ernest Markham ; with an introduction by William Robinson. 
%7 2nd ed. 
Includes index. 
Favorite flowers in color / by E. L. D. Seymour, editor, Henry E. Downer [and 
The Floricultural cabinet, and florists magazine. 
Title from volume title page. 
Editor: 1833-1854, Joseph Harrison. 
Volume numbering ceases with v. 17 in 1849. 
Lees, Carlton B. 
Gardens, plants, and man, by Carlton B. Lees. -- 
 0133467759: 9.95 
"A Rutledge book." 
Wilder, Louise Beebe, 1878-1938 
The garden in color, by Louise Beebe Wilder. -- 
The book of garden management : a compendium of the theory and practice of 
horticulture and a complete guide to gardening in all its branches ... 
Previously published as The book of garden management ... at London by S.O. 
Beeton in [1862?] 
"Considerably enlarged and entirely re-modelled, re-arranged, and 
re-constructed ..."--pref. 
Spine title: Beeton's garden management. 
Cover title: Beeton's new book of garden management. 
Includes index. 
Bridgeman, Thomas, d. 1850. 
The young gardener's assistant, in three parts / Thomas Bridgeman. 
%7 New ed., with an appendix, containing remarks on the alleged disease of the 
potato, etc. 
Hole, S. Reynolds (Samuel Reynolds), 1819-1904. 
Our gardens / by S. Reynolds Hole. 
On verso of t.-p.: "First ed., May 1899; second ed., July 1899." 
Moore, Thomas, 1821-1887. 
The gardeners' magazine of botany, horticulture, floriculture and natural 
science / conducted by Thomas Moore, William P. Ayres. Vol. 1-2. 
Nicol, Walter. 
The gardener's kalendar : or, Monthly directory of operations in every branch 
of horticulture. 
%7 3rd ed. 
Wright, Richardson Little, 1887-1961. 
The gardener's bed-book : short and long pieces to be read in bed by those 
who love husbandry and the green growing things of earth / Richardson Wright. 
Illustrated lining-papers. 
Gunthart, Lotte, 1914- 
The glory of the rose / water-colour illustrations by Lotte Gunthart ; 
introduction and descriptions by Gottfried Boesch ; translated by Susan 
Originally published as Von Ruhm der Rose. Russchlikon-Zurich, A. Muller, 
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.) 
Metropolitan flowers / text by Everett Fahy ; design by Alvin Grossman. -- 
 0810913178 (Abrams) 
Russell, Josephine Dorr. 
Spied a blossom passing fair : paintings. 
%7 1st ed. 
Gordon, Elizabeth, 1866-1922. 
A sheaf of roses / by Elizabeth Gordon ; illustrations by Frederick W. 
Printed on one side of double leaf, the printed pages facing each other. 
Horgan, Paul, 1903- 
One red rose for Christmas. -- 


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