Hardy Healthy Roses
Locally Available

Knockout-Should be first on anybody’s list for easy care, no spray hardy rose that even will bloom in 4 hours of sun (most roses require at least 6 hours) 

 Jeanne La Joie-Best climbing miniature rose by far.  Hundreds of small perfect pink roses at a time.  Climbs to about 6 feet.  Very care free.

New Dawn – Very vigorous climber with large pink roses.  Can cover a fence or trellis.  Very hardy and disease free. 

Carefree Beauty- Beautiful large deep pink roses on a carefree shrub, very hardy and healthy. 

Outta the Blue – Great new shrub with mauve blend roses of strong spicy clove fragrance. 

Rosa Rubrifolia (Glauca) – A once blooming species roses.  Grows true from its seed.  Beautiful purplish tinge to foliage, great for flower arranging. Tiny brilliant rose-pink colored starlike flowers.  Great shrub.  Hardy to zone 2. 

Distant Drums – Bred for hardiness by Griffith Buck.  Extremely unusual coloration: shades of lavender, coffee, pink and gold.  Anise, myrrh fragrance. 

Baby Love – “Shrublet” covered in small bright yellow, 5 petalled blooms.  Disease free. 

Fire Meidiland – Terrific ground cover rose (2 feet tall maximum by 4feet wide).  Shiny dark green foliage and deep red blooms.  Needs no care. 

For most roses (though not these), you should cover the base of the plant about a foot deep with compost, manure or at least mulch around Thanksgiving to protect at least part of the bush from the winter


There are plenty more easy roses.  Come to a meeting, usually the second Saturday of each month at the Roger Williams Park greenhouses in Providence.  Our rose show is the second Saturday in June at the mounted police command training ring in Roger Williams Park. 


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