James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Award Winners

          1961- Crimson Glory, Ht, dr, 1935

            1962- Tiffany, HT, pb, 1954

            1965- Chrysler Imperial, HT, dr, 1952

            1966- Sutter’s Gold, HT, ob, 1950

            1968- Granada, HT, rb, 1963

            1970- Fragrant Cloud, HT, or, 1967

            1974- Papa Meilland, HT, dr, 1963

            1979- Sunsprite, F, dy, 1977

            1986- Double Delight, HT, rb, 1977

            1997- Fragrant Hour, HT, op, 1973

            2001- Angel Face, F, mv, 1968

Other Very Fragrant Roses

***OGRs (Old Garden Roses)***

Yolande D'Aragorn, HP, dp, 1843

Rose de Rescht, D, p, ancient


***Modern Roses***

The McCartney Rose, HT, p, 1995

Mirandy, HT, r, 1944

Abraham Darby, S, op, 1990

Madame Gregoire Staechlin, LCl, p, 1927

Outta the Blue, shrub 2000


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