Language of Roses

Given by Nancy A. Edgar


Roses are romantic. They are given with emotion. And, Roses speak in volumes.


Roses are red I passionately love you, with deepest respect

Violets are blue …..and modesty

Sugar is sweet and so are you!


Red Roses – ultimate symbol of love from the heart ,“I love you,” respect, courage, passion, eternal love, Congratulations

Single red – I LOVE YOU

Deep red – unconscious beauty, bashful shame, deep admiration

Crimson/ dark red – mourning

Withered red – Our love is over, or I’d rather die

Black – Hatred, Death, Farewell


Pink Roses – conveys fun and happiness, joy, friendship, Thank You, Please Believe Me

Light pink – grace, joy, gentility, admiration, understanding

Deep pink – thankfulness, gratitude

Pink with shaded red – hoping for more than friendship


Lavender Roses – denotes sweet thoughts, love at first sight, adds enchantment, opulence, extravagance, majesty, individuality, Please Forgive Me


White Roses – innocence and purity, spiritual love, reverence, humility, truth and secrecy, Keep a Secret, Be Silent, Worthy of You’re Love, I Miss You

White rosebud – too young to love

Withered white – I am in despair, fleeting beauty, transient impression, You Made No Impression

Dried white – Death is preferable to loss of virtue


Yellow Roses –signify friendship, joy, gladness, freedom, Remember Me, Welcome Back, I Care, may also mean a loss of love or infidelity

Single long stem – jealousy, lack of trust


Coral Roses – imply desire, longevity


Peach Roses – tender and loving, modesty, appreciation, immortality, Let’s Get Together


Orange Roses – enthusiasm, desire, secret love, passion, fascination, I am in Flames for You, Good Luck, positive emotions




Single rose – simplicity

Two roses – gratitude

2 Joined roses – together, engagement

12 roses – ultimate declaration of love

25 roses – Congratulations!

50 roses – Unconditional Love

Thornless roses – Love at first sight, early attachment

Rose thorn – Danger

Rose Leaf – Symbol of Hope

Rosebud – beauty, youth, heart innocent of love

Sweetheart roses (minis, Cecile Brunner) - sweetheart

Full bloom over 2 buds - secrecy

White & Red roses mixed - Unity

Red & Yellow blends – Jovial and happy feeling

Yellow & Orange together – passionate thoughts

White & Coral together – You’re Heavenly

Bouquet in Full Bloom – gratitude, great beauty, perfection

Pastel or Pale Bouquet – friendship and sociability

Rosa foetida – You are all that is beauty

Cabbage Rose – Ambassador of love

China Rose – Beauty is always new

Japan Rose – Beauty is your only attraction

Damask Rose – Beauty ever new

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